Friday, May 29, 2009

My latest discoveries; hypnosis and Quantum Physics

It all started 5 weeks ago when I decided to see a friend of mine, who is a hypnotherapist.
My previous idea of hypnosis was as a stage show, some kind of "mind manipulation", never thought as a healing therapy.
My experience was a soothing and enlightening treatment.
Instead of being taken to a state of unconsciousness, (where you can't control or remember), your mind goes to a "state of alertness".
I wondered using my imagination ..

After the first sessions, I noticed a mild and continuous change in my behavior. My response to different issues of everyday life was balanced and stress free.
Just like that?, I reasoned.
Then I watched "What the Bleepy do we know?" (Netflix), and understood that Quantum Physics explains hypnosis , at least for me.

Quantum Physics is a science of possibilities. It acknowledges and studies God.

My favorite lines in the movie:
"Ask men to explain God is like ask a fish to explain the water it lives in ."

"It is like looking at yourself through the eyes of the Ultimate Observer."

" What happens in our minds, manifests outside of us."

Then I had a AHHA moment!.. hypnosis takes you to your "perfect place", and your mind can stay there, if you allow ..
I learned a lot more watching this movie,
For now, I'll leave you with that..

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