Saturday, October 16, 2010

Happy Tails Book

Lost Souls: FOUND! Inspiring Stories About Dogs

This wonderful book is Happy Tails Books' first compilation of stories about all dogs - purebred and mixed-breed of all types!

Excerpt: “Wrinkles was found in a large pineapple field on the west side of Maui when he was a couple weeks old. We adopted him, and Wrinkles fit right in with our routine. One day we were watching a friend work on my broken-down car, and when we finally looked up, Wrinkles was missing. At first we didn’t believe that our dog had run away, but after searching for him everywhere around our home, we knew he was gone. We drove my husband's truck around the neighborhood looking for Wrinkles until exhaustion finally forced us to retire for the night. The next day, I was up with the sun. While readying myself to start searching again, I heard a noise outside. I walked through our back yard and noticed something moving inside my broken car. When I opened the back door, I found…” (You’ll have to read the book to find out!) -Celia Lumsden

(Pre-Sale! Books ordered today will ship mid-November.)

144 Pages I Preview Book (Coming Soon!) I Meet the Authors and Their Dogs (Coming Soon!)

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

An all-natural pain cure

Article featured on March 2010 edition of Shape magazine.
"The next time you're wiped out with a migraine or back pain, find a furry friend. According to a study from Loyola Health Systems in Chicago, surgery patients who received weekly pet therapy - visits from obedience-trained dogs-required 50 percent less pain medication than those who didn't. 
Playing with an animal provides a distraction, says researcher Julia Havey, R.N., who notes that cats provide a similar benefit.
It can also ease stress, which helps boost immunity. If you have an illness - or you'd like to volunteer with your pet - ask your hospital about a pet therapy program. Live in a pet-free building?
Consider an aquarium: Research shows that fish also have a calming effect."

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