Saturday, August 29, 2009

My Healing Story

Since I remember, I loved animals and I believe that all of them have a higher purpose than be our pets, transportation and food..animals are healers.
Later in life, I developed chronic anxiety. I was embarassed for being unable to explain or control an anxiety attack whenever it happened.
I thought I would just have to live with it, until I met Dr. Shannon Domingues and started volunteering with the Haku Baldwin Center's Pet Therapy Program.
Previously, I had known that being around animals was very soothing and healing, but I didn't realized that interacting with them, by helping other people on their healing process, was all I needed to get completely healed from my anxiety attacks.
I have been volunteering for two years and never had an anxiety attack episode since.
BIG MAHALO (Thanks) to Dr. Shannon and Alexis for welcoming me to the program, sharing all their knowledge and to all the pets, for touching everybody's lives around them, making miracles happen everyday.
By Celia Lumsden

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